"About three months ago I asked Stephanie to send me some FlowerKist Cream for the nerve pain in my feet.  I have been diagnosed with peripheral nerve damage and have constant pain in my feet.  After receiving the FlowerKist and applying it in the morning and at night my pain has reduced from a 7 or 8 on the pain scale to around a 3.  Nothing else works this well.  The V.A. kept giving me pain killers but FlowerKist has worked the best....Also, about a month ago I fell on the ice and hurt my shoulder. I put FlowerKist on it and the pain was reduced to almost nothing.  This stuff works.....need some more."

-Steve Harris


"I have had unexplained peripheral neuropathy for the last 2-3 years.  My feet burn in the middle of the night to the point it wakes me and I cannot go back to sleep.  Luckily, I tried the FlowerKist lotion! I put it on the burning spots if they wake me and it dulls the pain enough that I can fall right back to sleep!  This has helped me feel better in many other ways as well as we know how much healthier we are when we have the proper amount of sleep.   I am not a fan of taking a bunch of medications so this is amazing to have such an easy topical way to feel better.  Thank you!"

-Missy M.


"I have been using your lotion on the knuckle of my middle finger for about three weeks. I apply it when I go to bed at night and after three weeks it is pain-free in the morning when I wake up and I just wanted to share that with you."

-Hazel Houkom


"Hi Steph! First I want to say THANK YOU! I was skeptical of topical CBD being effective. I am speechless. I have been taking 4000 mg of Tylenol and 4000mg of ib profen every day for a year and a half. I have only taken them at night since you have sent me the lotion. I’m taking humira shots weekly, I’ve had a change in meds 3-4 times and nothing has helped me. I eat edibles from time to time and those help with the pain but seem to be only temporary. I have been applying the lotion 3 times a day for 4 days and I’m so happy I could cry. Thank you so very much for sending it to me. ❤️ life changing."

-Katie Scully


 "My Mother-in-Law has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and her arm tingles from her wrist to her elbow.  I had received my order of Solace and told her what do you have to lose and to rub some cream on her wrist.  The cream took all the tingling away and she was pain free for the day.  She has asked when can she order her own cream as she will be using it as needed. My son gets migraines and it can be debilitating.  He rubbed a little bit of Solace on his temples and his migraines have subsided. Great product!!!"

-Lee Lopez


"WOW, I was surprisingly VERY IMPRESSED with this product. 

I am an avid cyclist and was training for a bike race in the Badlands of North Dakota. I have 2 total knee replacements and have issues with the right knee snapping during flexion. This snapping gets very uncomfortable and painful when I do high intensity or long duration cycling workouts. I have tried multiple topical pain relievers to see if I could get some relief during my training and never really found a topical I was impressed with. 

I was able to sample Solace from FlowerKist about a month before the race and I used it twice daily. I was very satisfied with the relief it provided while riding compared to the other topical lotions I used. This lotion has a very quick absorption, is non-greasy, and starts providing muscle relief almost instantly. I was really surprised by the aroma of Solace. Most topical lotions have an overwhelming menthol smell which is nauseating. Solace has a nice mellow scent which by no means overpowers the olfactory. 

This lotion won’t get rid of those aches and pains but it sure provides some temporary comfort. I will continue to use Solace when it comes on the market. I will recommend this product to the physically active people who endure soft tissue discomfort."

JD – Fargo, N