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We are currently at the start-up stage, continuously looking for people to help take our company to the next level. We are in the process of filing our Reg A+, which will make us a Public Company. Two of our executive level employees have expertise in this area, here is more on their backgrounds:


  • Barry Clark, our CEO, is a driven, results oriented, capital markets professional, serving the OTC markets as an angel investor, investor relations expert who maintains a significant level of success sourcing Growth capital for micro cap public and private companies, having completed tens of millions in financings.  

Barry is industry agnostic and is active in technology, MMJ-the legal and medical marijuana space, healthcare, bio-tech and metals and mining. Barry maintains active working relationships with a wide array of Buy-side and Sell-side micro cap funds and fund managers, Institutional Investors, Portfolio Manages, hedge funds, private equity funds, investment bankers, Investment banking firms, institutional as well as retail stock brokers. Barry's clients and contacts stretch around the globe. Due to Barry's prior work in the entertainment industry he is a good source for celebrity endorsement placement. 


Barry has Cross-Functional Expertise in Business Development and Investment Portfolio Management, Consistently recognized as a top producer in most every position. VP Investments at one of the worlds largest Brokerage/Investment Banks, #5 Hall of Fame member in the 82 year history of legendary Brokerage/Investment Bank.  


  • Alex Mond, our Chairman of the Board, is also the Founder and Chairman of ‘The Great Disruptors’, an Executive Producer, and the financing lead. Alex structured the show with innovative funding that is all inclusive and combining the entertainment with forward looking and interactive technologies, an APP that follows REG A+ made for this show. 

Alex is a renowned Investment Banker who has more than 30 years of international experience raising capital for public as well as private companies for series A and B. Alex served as the Managing Director of Mandiri Bank in the Singapore office at Malibu Capital, Middle Eastern Fund Advisor for UOB Singapore, was a member of several nonprofit boards, including the National Health Institute of Singapore, Expat Radio, the International Hospital, The Singapore American Dance Theater, the Harvard University Medical Fund, the Maraya for the Performing Arts. He has syndicated four loan structures for more than $12 billion for the chain pharmacy in Singapore. Alex was the Director of a new Fund of $300 billion funded by National Bank of Abu Dhabi, CFO of the Airport of Ajman, and Special auditor for Abu Dhabi National Bank including Abu Dhabi Airport. He funded over 30 companies and served the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I for his real estate company, White Lake, which was an arm of Ryat Corporation.


Alex is a renowned global expert on International syndicated finances and an Investment Advisor to Sustainable Capital S.A. and the Sustainable Resources Fund. As a charismatic speaker, Alex speaks on investment impact and economy at various business forums, business clubs and for the press in Asia, USA and Europe. Alex received his Engineering Degree and MBA from the University of Boston.


With their expertise in investor relations, we have no worry that we will become fully funded in a short amount of time. If you would like more information about how to get involved in developing FlowerKist, fill in your information below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  

Scientific Advisory Board

Raj Barathur PHD - Formerly a Senior Executive VP at Hoffmann- La Roche

At Roche, he founded and managed the Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology and built the division into a $240 million unit starting from zero. He has a PhD in Genetics and is board certified in Medical Genetics (Rutgers Medical School, New Jersey). He has an entrepreneurial vision and is an expert in Strategic planning, Financial Planning and Management, he is also a highly effective sales and marketing expert having managed large Sales and Marketing Organizations. He holds 5 USA patents and is a very active scientist and businessman. He is the President, CEO and Chairman of our Product Development partner.

Jack Bookout, PHD - R&D Executive, Co-Founder of our Partner Company


Formerly an executive of Hoffman-la Roche and headed R & D efforts in Burlington NC. He trained at Baylor College of Medicine and the NIH. Jack pays a key role in R&D activities and manufacturing. Jack is Executive Vice President and Head of Operations and member of the board of Directors for our Product Development partner.


Jim Fitzpatrick - VP Community Affairs - Public and Regulatory Compliance

An entrepreneurial, competitive, executive-level professional with strong management skills and experience in the Cannabis market. Experience in building sustainable operational processes, generating incremental revenue; and a track record of consistent achievement domestically and internationally. Possesses a unique blend of technical expertise, business acumen, persuasive communication as well as a clear cross-functional understanding of what it takes to execute. Skilled at working with government agencies small and large (cities, FDA) on policies and ordinances related to Cannabis.

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